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New Arrivals, Coming Soon

We’ve been busy. Real busy.

So busy, we have a lot to catch up on as far as new releases here at Brasserie V are concerned. As usual, some of these are already in stock, some will arrive within the next week. The best way to get to-the-minute updates? Follow us on Twitter. Josh also posts weird gifs on there sometimes too, so there’s that. Anyway.

To Øl Sur Amarillo/Citra/Mosaic – 500ml/$12

This Danish brewery emerged from the Mikkeller shadow years ago, and they’re still picking up steam. In particular, the Sur series of super hoppy sour-mash beers is essentially a license to print money. These come in tallboy cans, because Denmark is awesome.

To Øl Smoke on the Porter, Fire in the Rye – 375ml/$18

Let’s keep this simple: an imperial porter with two types of smoked chili peppers. You’re welcome, world.

Epic S.O.B. – 12oz cans/$5

Epic has gotten a lot of mileage out of their Big Bad Baptist series, a continual riff on bourbon barrel-aged coffee stouts. Consider this the little brother to that beer: a strong stout brewed with coffee and cocoa nibs.

Mikkeller Drinkin’ Berliner (Red Wine Barrel, White Wine Barrel) – 375ml/???$

We’ll update this tomorrow with the price info, but we had to get this out there, it’s so weird. This Berliner Weisse clocks in at a mere 2.8% abv, and has been aged (in separate batches) in red and white wine barrels. This could get interesting.

Jopen/De Molen Sin & Remorse – 330ml/???$

A collaboration imperial stout between two Dutch breweries who know what they’re doing. That’s all we know. And that’s all we need.