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New (Upcoming) Beers!

Usually we’re not so cruel as to post about beers that we don’t actually have available right now, but we’re feeling mischievous today. We just got a couple of massive special orders in, and most of these beers will be trickling onto the menu or show up at a tasting some time in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to our Twitter feed and this website for the quickest updates; or just, y’know, come on in.

Evil Twin Michigan Maple Jesus – 355 ml – $15

This is only the second batch ever brewed, and it’s not likely to be made again, at least for a long, long time. Evil Twin enlisted the services of Dark Horse as their contractor this time, brewing a batch of Even More Jesus imperial stout and then aging it in oak barrels that have held both bourbon and maple syrup. A big, sweet, yet well-rounded sipper.

Mikkeller SpontanLingonberry – 375 ml – $23

The Mikkeller spontan-train just keeps on a-rollin’. By now you know the drill: a blend of lambic-style beer, aged in oak barrels with…yup, lingonberries. A deep, only mildly tart fruit, this is a measured, almost jammy sour ale, with more noticeable tannin presence than most beers in this series.

Toccalmatto/Stillwater Artisanal Ales Toats – 355 ml – $9.50

Josh tried this at the recent Shelton Brothers Festival in Kentucky, and it kind of blew him away. A hoppy saison brewed with, somehow, a 100% oat grain bill, Toats is a soft, pillowy beer with bright citrus character and a hint of vanilla underscored by the oat presence. One of the more unique, and delicious, beers we have in stock.

Au Baron Cuvee des Jonquilles & Saison St. Medard – 750 ml – $25

Do you enjoy saisons? Do you want to branch out, like, a lil’ bit? Try Cuvee des Jonquilles. Technically a biere de garde, this is a floral, hoppy, mineral-water masterpiece from norther France. St. Medard, despite its title as a saison, leans even further into the BDG field, with a dark coppery color and lots of nutty malt notes.

Struise Tsjeeses & Tsjesses Reserva – 330 ml – $12/$15

Oh, Struise. Struise, Struise, Struise. Ephemeral in their U.S. market presence, we finally were able to snag a case of each of these monster beers. Tsjeeses, a tripel-style ale named for the exclamation the brewer had after trying it for the first time, is a massive hops n’ honey bomb; the Reserva, aged in port barrels, actually tempers the base beer a bit, lending it some welcome tannin character and a slight winey note.

Jopen/Cigar City Wayne’s World – 330 ml – $9

So simple, yet…not. A golden ale brewed with grapefruit and juniper berries, this beer is slightly tart, slightly astringent, and 100% its own thing. The two brewers also finished the beer with a brief aging period on cedar, a calling card of Cigar City.

Kerkom Bink Blond & Bink Grand Cru – 330 ml/750 ml – $7, $35

There are perhaps no two beers that quite illustrate the breadth of a single brewery’s prowess than these two. Bink Blond is an approachable, slightly hoppy golden ale that encourages quaffing instead of contemplation; Bink Grand Cru is a massive Belgian strong ale with a riot of flavor (port wine, molasses, marzipan, fig, raisin) and alcohol at 13% abv.

Evil Twin/Westbrook Imperial Biscotti Mexican Cake Break – 750 ml – $25

This is exactly what you think it is: a blend of Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break (an imperial porter with almonds, vanilla beans, and espresso) and Westbrook’s Mexican Cake (an imperial stout with chili peppers, cinnamon, and cocoa nibs). So.