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Vintage Beer Tasting w/David Frost of B. United Importers

March 16, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us on Wednesday, March 16th for a very special curated tasting led by the one, the only David Frost of B. United Importers.

David has long been a friend of Brasserie V, and is not only one of the most knowledgeable people we know as it pertains to artisanal beer, he is also one of the industry’s great storytellers. This session is not to be missed.

We are still finalizing a couple of entries, but see below for what we will definitely be pouring. And try not to drool all over your keyboard.  Cost is $23 which will include 8 beers and some cheese.  Call now to reserve your spot at 608-255-8500.

Beer List

Schneider Aventinus (Weizenbock, 8.2% abv)

One of the best, most complex German beers in the world, this strong dark wheat ale derives a multitude of flavor from its house yeast, especially when fresh: clove, bubblegum, banana, and more. A complex malt base adds notes of caramel and dark fruit

Schneider Aventinus 2003 (Weizenbock, 8.2% abv)

We’re still not sure how this keg even exists. True, Schneider has long known that their Aventinus is an anomaly among wheat beers, in that it ages phenomenally well. In general, the wheat proteins fall out, leaving the beer with a much more clarified, though still dark-ruby, appearance. It also begins to take on flavors of fruitcake and sherry, with a little hint of Madeira, an intentionally oxidized wine, coming through.

Schneider Aventinus Eisbock (Weizen-Eisbock, 12% abv)

The creation of the eisbock style is laced with apocrypha, but fun anyway: the story goes that a barrel of beer was accidentally left out in the freezing cold. When the beer was found and brought back inside, the water was skimmed off as it thawed, resulting in a more concentrated, more alcoholic beer. It might be total BS, but the spirit is rooted in truth. Aventinus Eisbock is a richer take on the base beer, reflecting the standard flavor profile, becoming almost a barleywine in the process.

Schneider Aventinus Eisbock 2009 (Weizen-Eisbock, 12% abv)

On draft, no less. At this point, we’re running out of adjectives. Just read above, if you haven’t already, then run screaming into the night.

Schneider Aventinus Barrique Larch Tree (Weizenbock, 8.2% abv)

The Canadian larch tree, otherwise known as juniper or deciduous conifer, is often prized for its durability; aging beer on it is, however, a completely new undertaking. The aging has lent woody, resinous aspects to the beer, rendering it a truly unique take on Aventinus.

OEC Salsus Blend #1 (Semi-Spontaneous Gose, 4.9% abv)

If you know anything about OEC, you know those Connecticut boys never do anything straightforward. Hence this triple-decocted gose, brewed with barley and wheat of course, but also with spelt. They then spice with pink peppercorns and grey sea salt. The beer’s initial fermentation is done spontaneously in OEC’s coolship, then the wort is re-pitched with house yeast the following morning.

Iqhilika Herbal Blossom Grand Cru Mead (Barrel-Aged Mead, 12% abv)

This South African meadery takes the craft to a whole new level, creating some of the most daring and delicious meads in the world. We recently had a wine barrel-aged coffee mead on tap here that was simply unbelievable. But this is a whole ‘nother level. A sweet mead aged on a Thelema Mountain Vineyards Merlot barrel for a whopping FOUR YEARS. Honestly, we’re not certain what to expect, but you can count on huge vinous notes, as well as complementary flavors of cinnamon, hibiscus, apple, and rose.


March 16, 2016
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Brasserie V
1923 Monroe St.
Madison, WI 53711 United States
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