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Beer Tasting 1/13: New Arrivals!

We’re very, very excited to feature some up-and-coming and, in some cases, under the radar breweries for this tasting. Our friends at 12% Imports (providers of St. Bernardus and other fine beers) figured heavily into this one, and hooked us up with some absolutely phenomenal beers. These will hit the menu at some point, but this will be an opportunity for you to try them all first, and in one sitting! We’re still deciding on a few offerings, but this should pique your interest:

Omnipollo Abrahadabra

Somewhat shrouded in mystery, Omnipollo is a fairly new gypsy brewer operating out of Sweden, and making some of the most delicious, left-of-center beers in the market. This one, an IPA with lactose, strawberries, and vanilla beans, embodies not just their adventurous spirit, but their ability to execute such a vision. Hoppy at heart, Abrahadabra brings the strawberry notes forward on the middle palate, with the vanilla beans and lactose creaminess finishing.

De Dochter Embrasse (Peated Whiskey Cask)

A blend of porter, stout, and abbey-style dark ale, this Frankenstein’s monster of a beer is then aged on peated whiskey casks for about four months. Intense in flavor, with peppery smoke, oak tannins, and bitter chocolate. Extremely limited, and one we haven’t seen in a long, long time here.

Toccalmatto Zona Cesarini

An Italian IPA? An Italian IPA. Referred to by the brewery as a “Pacific” pale ale, this is juicy and tropical, with hints of pineapple, bitter melon, with a Laffy Taffy-like sweetness.

Evil Twin/Westbrook The Perfect Nose

It’s no secret that Evil Twin and Westbrook are roll-dogs; they’re collaborated on several beers, and Westbrook often taps ET offerings in there Charleston, SC taproom. This is perhaps the apex of their creative powers: a big, fruity barleywine aged in used cognac barrels. Massive black cherry and vanilla notes mingle with caramel flavors and oak tannins.

8 Wired iStout

We don’t know why New Zealand’s 8 Wired decided to call their beer that, and we frankly don’t care. All we care about is that this is a big ol’ rich imperial stout in the classic sense: no barrel treatment, no adjuncts or spices, just a straightforward palate-bruiser.

Amager/Cigar City Orange Crush

A collaborative session IPA featuring loads of juicy American hops, plus a late addition of orange peel. I don’t need to tell you what this tastes like.

Brasserie de Silly Barrel-Aged Scotch Silly

Let’s face it: Scotch ales can kinda taste like a mouthful of pennies. You know it, I know it. But throw that beast into a Jack Daniels barrel for a few months, let the magic happen, and your patience will be rewarded. Hence this beer.

Registration is open now, at $23 per