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New Beer Alert

Sometimes, a little context is required.

We’re always looking for the best and, frankly, sometimes the downright weirdest beers we can find to add to our tap lines and ever-growing bottle list. Starting today, this will be a regular feature on our blog, as we look to dig into some of the newest beers on our list. For the times when you look at our menu and think “Huh?” This is for you, the inquisitive many. This is for you.

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The Bruery Quadrupel Tonnellerie – 750ml, $25

The Bruery has taken their new Terreux facility and program–exclusively for wild, sour, and brett-influenced beers–and run away with it. Tonnellerie refers to barrels, and implies wine. For this series, The Bruery ferments and ages a beer in oak barrels instead of stainless steel, imparting the character of the barrel not only throughout a much longer period of time but, perhaps even more importantly, during the beer’s formative process. Quadrupel Tonnellerie is the latest in this line; a batch of Belgian-style quadrupel (think St. Bernardus Abt 12) fermented and aged in oak barrels with blackberries. The beer emerges resembling more a strong Flanders red ale in the vein of Rodenbach than anything else. Tart and vinous, with a tannic wine note and jammy berry.

The Bruery Humulus Terreux 750ml, $21

Another brand new offering from The Bruery, this beer is the first in a series that will utilize a different strain of brettnomyces yeast and a different single hop for every run. This one is hopped with New Zealand-grown Motueka, a singular hop that imparts flavors like white wine, gooseberry, and kiwi to the beer.

Amager/Malmo The Amazing Gotland Campfire Beer – 500ml, $16

Amager is staffed by maniacs; Malmo is staffed, also, by maniacs. So it only stands to reason that when they got together, they’d come up with something as ludicrously sensible as a smoked porter with marshmallows. Right? Right. This is a smooth, artfully crafted smoked beer, with sweet smoke flavor, plus hints of vanilla and bitter chocolate.

Evil Twin Molotov Lite – 500ml can, $5

Molotov Cocktail is what happens when a madman brewer wonders “What would it be like to get drunk on pine sap?” Molotov Lite, on the other hand, is a well-crafted, bone-dry, citrusy IIPA. These come in tallboy cans, and are dangerously crushable. Go ahead, though–we’re not the boss of you.

Stillwater On Fleek – 12oz can, $5

Anyone who’s been around Josh since Stillwater started making this has had to suffer his incessant blubbering about how incredible this beer is. A massive, almost oily imperial stout, it comes in a can that looks like six Pokemon committed hara-kiri, and tastes like Bells Expedition Stout on ‘roids: fudgy and thick, with flavors of French roast coffee, and a bold hop presence that balances the beast.

Stillwater G13 – 650ml, $16

You might remember that this is the fictional strain of “government-engineered” weed that Kevin Spacey’s character smokes in American Beauty. I’m sure Stillwater knows nothing about that. Anyway, this is a “wild” IPA aged on cedar wood. It’s incredibly juicy, with a very dry texture and just a hint of the cedar.

Coming Soon


Tilquin Mure a ‘Ancienne – 375ml, $22

Tilquin is the newest gueuze blender in the Pajottenland of Belgium, and holds the distinction of being the only blender with access to raw lambic from the famed Cantillon brewery. We already regularly feature their gueuze and Questche, a blend of lambics with purple plums, but the Mure is a treat for two reasons: 1) it utilizes blackberries, which, c’mon, more lambic blenders need to start doing, ASAP. 2) We’ve carried this beer before, in very limited quantities of 750ml bottles, but we’ve finally got some in the more liver- and wallet-friendly 375ml. I mean, you could still share, but…why?

Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout – 500ml, $15

Not necessarily a “new” beer, this one is making a long-awaited return after a lengthy hiatus. We made sure to place a hefty pre-order with the importer this time around, so we should have plenty of this stuff for a while. For those not in the know, this imperial stout is a classic: rich and heavy, with notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and pipe tobacco. Indulgent and immaculately brewed.

Mikkeller SpontanCherry Fredriksal – 375ml, $25

Mikkeller makes an absolutely stupid array of beers; the Spontan series alone is dizzying in its varietals, and this is one of the most special. A blend of lambic-style ales, this beer was then aged on cherries from the Fredriksdal wine-making estate in Denmark. It is quite a puckering beer on first sip, but is a veritable cherry bomb as it opens up, featuring intense tannic qualities and a bold, off-sweet cherry note.