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More–yes, MORE–New Beers!

We just got a pretty healthy little drop from our friends at 12% Imports. We’ll get the rest on the menu shortly, but here’s a few we’ve already added:

Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail – 355 ml, $7

We get the impression that Evil Twin doesn’t care about your well-being. Why else would this beer exist? A massive IPA clocking in at 13% abv, it’s a slick, resinous, carpet-bomb of a hoppy ale. They also make one called Molotov Heavy, which is 17% abv, because God has abandoned us all. Anyway, this beer is really good. Just…y’know, careful.

Dugges/Stillwater Tropic Punch – 330 ml, $9

Just like last year, we got a single case of this stuff in, and it’s going to go fast. A lactobacillus-soured ale with mango, passion fruit, and peach, it is the beer equivalent of Hawaiian Punch, especially at a guzzle-worthy 4.5% abv. Get it soon, ’cause it won’t be here later.

Dugges/Stillwater Tropic Sunrise – 330 ml, $9

Another riff on the style, Tropic Sunrise is essentially the same base beer as Tropic Punch, but with mango, pineapple, and raspberry. As I type this, we’ve already sold two. GET DOWN HERE NOW.